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Workspace Member Roles 👥

Admins can specify the role of each member in their Workspace – Admins, Creators, and Viewers.

Admin Controls Enterprise Plan Web App Business Plan
Published by Julia Szatar, Product Marketing
Workspace Member Roles allow Admins to specify the role of every member in a Workspace. You can decide who is a paid user (Admins & Creators) and who is a free user (Viewers):

  • Creators (paid) can record, upload, edit, and organize videos in a Workspace
  • Admins (paid) have all the privileges of a Creator and can manage Workspace settings
  • Viewers (free) can view videos in the Shared and Team Libraries, but cannot record, upload or edit videos
All Loom subscriptions allow an unlimited number of public viewers for free. These are people that can view videos shared with them, but do not have an account or Workspace access.

  • The Loom Team

    Workspace Member Roles is currently only available on Loom’s Business and Enterprise plans

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