December 2019
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Swap your face cam for your avatar 😁

For the days you’re feeling a little camera shy, but want to keep it personal.

You can now swap the face cam with your avatar on the desktop app.

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November 2019
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Faster, smoother video previews ⚑️

A couple of months ago we shipped animated GIF previews to improve engagement with your shared Looms.

To drive even more engagement, we just replaced GIFs with animated video previews on your Loom Library and share pages.


Video previews are:

  • Smoother than GIFs
  • Up to ~10x lighter than GIFs
  • Much higher quality

Sorry GIFs.

October 2019
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Headway auto embed ✨

If you’re like us and use Headway, embedding a Loom in your next changelog update is as simple as copy and paste. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

See more integrations like this one here.

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Search πŸ”Ž

You asked and we (finally) delivered. We’re calling it fashionably late.

You can now search your Loom My Videos library.

⌨️ On Mac: Cmd + K, Windows: Ctrl + K.

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September 2019
July 2019
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Theatre Mode 🍿

Focus on what’s important with our new Theatre Mode.

Small text isn’t so small anymore, and you’ll still have access to the rest of your screen.

Thatre Mode Loop.gif

To enter Theatre Mode, click the square icon under the progress bar or keyboard shortcut = T.

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Duplicate Videos πŸ‘

Find yourself recording the same video for each of your customers?

You can now duplicate your videos with a click of a button β€” send more β€œpersonalized” videos and get notified when they are viewed.πŸ˜‰


Learn more πŸ“–